In The Rain

Rainy Kiss


Lovely one,

Your eyes are dark and full of every
wet lust I could ever have wanted,

Lovely one,
your waist
is in my arms the shape of a river,

The curve of your body a shadow
that pulls my heart
like no sin ever could make.

Lovely one, my lovely one,
your whisper, your skin, your attack
on my body is hot and unimaginable!

You are mine, my lovely one,
ever and always mine.


Blindfold Woman

The wind gallops over the world:
through the fields and skies,
beating in every life!

He wants to take you: listen
how he roves over the globe
to carry you far, far away.

Darling, hide in my arms
for just this one night,
the rain crosses the sea —

It calls for you and me,
a break against our mouths,
a passionate infinity!

Lean your forehead to mine,
your blind eyes near me;
I have found you, my Love.

One Text

One Text

Sometimes it gets too much

And it doesn’t matter how I cry,
dreams don’t always come true —
love, I want you.

I want you through every rainy
window. I want you when
no one can see that you’re wiping

Warm tears in your car at night.
When the phone in your hand
is shaking and you text to me—

One single text…”I Love You”.