I Wanted You

Sad Brunette


Only with my words

Was I good at anything in my life,
Mockingbird songs that always came at night …
And when I couldn’t sing them alone,
And when I couldn’t look anymore at the moon,
And with love, I didn’t know what to do …

I thought of you. And you were the woman
I held in my arms,
The one I tried for with my best voice …
That even when I knew love was only so long,
I kept singing …
I kept singing and singing, because I wanted you.

Death Wind


Dark Eye


Wind, wind, wind on the infinite sea,
Whispering your prophecies all night long …
What do the grey waves want from me?
What do they say in their lonely song?

When I was young, the waters were green,
What I loved was beauty, the crushing white!
But now I’m an old poet. O wind, give me mercy
And let me remember my dreams this night!

The wind is persuasive, it turns itself to me
And sighs at my empty ship under its breath …
Beauty the dream will die with the dreamer,
I shall have no dreams, but I shall have death.

A Poet Song

Dark Clown


The night distills a soft white light,
The night distills silence.
Black branches brush across the stars;
I walk in a deserted park
Breaking the dry leaves under my feet …
Leaves that have littered a wooden seat
Where lovers sat in silence …
Leaves that now litter an empty seat.

Nearby there is a silver pool, quivering,
Ripples that float the moon …
Nearby there are tall trees, restlessly,
They shake beneath the moon …
Little one, I walk alone …
And when I feel your ghost is with me,
I sing her a poet song.

Beautiful Liar

Dark Woman


Youth no longer matters

All your energy and dreams make me patient.
With my hand on your chest, I am the beating
of your heart. Love, I am not a liar, I am the
most beautiful liar your life has ever lived.

The truth is never far behind. Will you take a
chance with me? Will you go farther than the
beating of your heart? I am the man who wants
you to stop for just one moment. Love him.

Maybe, you can love me. Maybe, your love is
for just one moment in this world —
I can love that.