Strong Enough

A Poet is known for their voice, and so much of voice is the subject matter they choose to focus on in this world. For myself, Womankind has hijacked my life and demanded of me to be strong enough to paint her heart. To show her in a new and beautiful way. The challenge is daunting. So much has been written about women that it might seem nothing is left to be said. Yet, I feel a horrific wound inside me for them, and I see a storm of swords, and I know I have to be strong enough to rise above the fray of all the poetry that came before me. That if in this life I can, I will be the Poet and the Man to loose their hearts with all the grace and power of my art. And maybe, I can free them for Real.

4 thoughts on “Strong Enough

  1. So much passion, it’s uniquely yours. There’s no comparison with all other poems. You have your own voice. Every woman is different with different life. Even if you focus on one woman’s life, your story would set itself apart, because there’s only one woman like her in the whole universe!
    thank you for the follow. I like you passion in poetry, especially in giving the voice of women!

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