I Know a Woman

I know a woman kind as any star

She called night her true home and sang
children to sleep with crickets in a jar,

And when she walked, she counted
all the constellations bright,

And when it grew cold outside,
she wrapped darkness in a scarf about
her neck and said she was lucky to
have the twilight;

For her sake alone, the moon lifted
its pewter powdered dome.

At times, rough winds would billow about
her and dark clouds grumble overhead,
A flock of fluted swans would plash white
in the mirror of a black lake,
they would ripple through the liquid of her mind
till she said:

“I’m glad to be alive and sing you sweet songs”

And every wave would draw a little closer
to listen to her voice in the night air,
And every star would tremble brighter
to light wherever the notes would go,
And every pine would rustle in the dark —
lean in with its fragrance, just to hear.

And sometimes,
she would cry out in the wind,
and it was more
than all the stars could bear.

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