England Dreams

Double Girl


And you dreamed of England…

So you traveled there from thousands
Of miles away just to think: if I can only
Find a decent man, if I can just break free…

Alone in your apartment at night
You were running out of time. Covered in rain,
You ran past the red phone booths and drains

Until you found a pub. There, the drunks
Said you were pretty. And when one took you home
To meet his parents your heart leaped!

Drink after drink he fucked you,
He fucked you and fucked you until he couldn’t
Find himself to the door—

Until he showed you the door…
And, blurry eyed in the street, you went home.
That night you went home in defeat.

On a silent beach, that’s the story you told me,
And I held you in my arms, and I held you—
And I loved you with my cheek on your cheek.

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