Let Me Hold You

Rose Breast

How is it that I am now so softly awakened,
My leaves shaken down with your sound?–
Darling, I feel the wind of Springtime.

It is not your mouth, for I have known mouths before,–
Though your mouth is more open than roses,
Roses singing softly
To green leaves after rain.

It is not your eyes, for I have dived often in eyes,–
Though your eyes, even in the silver moonlight,
Are windows into eternal dusk.

Nor is it the quick-white flashing of your pretty feet,
Nor your soft hands, catching at glowing fireflies;
Nor the sudden tender music of your laughter,
When, against the dark backdrop,
With all its terrors shadowed, you shine.

I touch you, and we drift off together like moons.
Earth dips from under.
We are alone in an immensity of moonlight,
Specks in an infinite silver radiance,
Whirled and tossed in our hearts as silent torrents.
Give me your hands, darling. Let me hold you.

4 thoughts on “Let Me Hold You

  1. Waking up to this – aahh! What a lovely day it’s going to be, today.
    You have the kind of power over words, that can blend so softly into the tender, vulnerable hearts. Words penned so effortlessly -flowing so smoothly out of your heart, gushing through the edges of our souls, right into our barren love-starved hearts. Struck with awe, I wonder – is this what true poetry feels like? ❤

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